In recent years, photography has motivated and inspired me to travel and seek out new and exciting subject matter. I often hear it mentioned that photography distracts you from experiencing the world around you, that you should leave the camera gear at home because you end up spending your time looking through a viewfinder instead of appreciating the moment. I disagree. Although this may be true for some, I strongly believe that travelling with the desire to capture exciting new photographs makes me more acutely aware of my surroundings. It makes me appreciate and look for the little details that I may have otherwise missed without my ‘photography brain’ in gear.


For the most part the travel photography, and landscapes that I post on my website and online are just for me. But I do love to share it with anyone who is interested as well. I have been told that I really should sell prints but I worry that turning this part of my photography into a business could possibly take away from the hobby side, that other side of my photography that inspires me and keeps me sharp. That doesn’t mean you’re not welcome to send me a message and purchase a print, but I don’t see myself officially opening up a ‘store’... at least for the time being.


Gavan Mitchell.

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